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Tips for hiring a truck accident lawyer
Auto-Car Accident Truck Accident

Accidents involving large trucks are more likely to cause injuries and deaths. This is due to the vehicle’s large size and the truck braking capability. For instance, a loaded truck-trailer takes about 20% longer to stop compared to ...
How to Choose a Family Lawyer Pakenham, Victoria
Family Law

Family law can involve all legal matters concerning marriage and divorce, wills and estates, custody and child support, family violence, and adoption, just to name a few! Due to the serious nature of these issues, the best way ...
Business & Commercial Law

Every state has its own lemon law. In the State of California, consumers are protected by both federal and state protection laws that provide remedies to owners and lessees of defective consumer products, which largely include vehicles. A ...
How Law Firms Benefit from SEO
Digital Marketing

How Law Firms Can Benefit from SEO Practices A lot of law firms are looking for ways to become more well-known than their competitors. While they may consider advertising as a way to do so, it is not ...
Important Skills of a Criminal Lawyer
Criminal Defense

It is a very important question, that is, what does a criminal lawyer do? Contrary to popular belief, the criminal lawyer represents individuals from many different socio-economic backgrounds. The system of criminal justice is based on the concept that the ...
nursing home neglect
Medical Negligence

AARP reports that more than 10 percent of Georgia’s population is older than age 65, with more than 122,000 residents age 85 and older. Many of these people require long-term medical care, and if their families are unable or ...
need a lawyer
Personal Injury

Getting involved in a major legal battle is absolutely the last thing you want to think about if you or someone in your family has recently been hurt in an accident. Nevertheless, it’s important to think about your ...
Minimum Wage Increases Mean for Workers and Employers
Employment & Labor Law

Pressure to raise the federal minimum wage has been building for years even as several states have put themselves on the path to having a $15 per hour minimum wage by 2025. Whether President Joe Biden and Democratic ...
Prepare Your Bankruptcy Practice for When Coronavirus Mortgage Deferrals Come Due

During the coronavirus pandemic, many borrowers have taken advantage of available 180-day mortgage deferrals. These deferrals provide much-needed short term relief. Unfortunately, the deferral will eventually expire, with the standard term being about 180 days. When the mortgage ...