Can My Employer Fire Me If I Become Temporarily Unable to Do My Job Because I Am Pregnant in California?

Can My Employer Fire Me If I Become Temporarily Unable to Do My Job Because I Am Pregnant in California?

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Can My Employer Fire Me While I'm Pregnant

Being pregnant is natural, you may miss out if you do a job but if it becomes a reason to dismiss you due to your boss’s priorities then it’s time to go legal, and to start with you can take aid from California employment lawyers so they can fight it for you at court.

However, if offenses are done, you are hated or being discriminated against, then it may become a legal offense, and handle that you can take aid from Los Angeles pregnancy discrimination attorneys who can fight it for you and let you get your job back through the legal process.

Before you consider the reasonable possibility of being dismissed due to being pregnant as a lady while at work, there are a few things to consider and they may include:

  • Terms agreed upon in your work contract
  • Decree on the legal term that works in your place
  • At will perception if at practice

And these are a few things that do become a legal concern later to cover even if you are fired while being pregnant and willing to get your position, so it’s better you settle for them smartly.

Measures of agreement

The first thing that dictates whether you would be fired or not due to not being able to attend work during pregnancy depends on what was agreed upon while you joined in, whether the parental leave is part of your work contract or not. Maybe a better way to presume and this helps you to have a position back.

Employer’s personal concerns

This is equally potent for you as you work under the guidance and influence of the employer and if he or she has not agreed to allow you paternal leave due to being pregnant, then it may become more challenging to stay or exist in such a work environment if you missed work in the pregnancy period.

At will perception reserved

This is the most critical aspect of all where a boss can fire an employee in a certain state if he or she feels to have any personal grudge including discrimination on condition of pregnancy so if this precept work at your workplace then it may become tough for you to hold your place and get your work role back.

Conditional hatred in staff

This is an equally serious matter where staff or group of the member who won’t like you to come back after becoming a mother may report you to the boss, to request for your removal and this can become a legal offense to file late but can work against to start with so it also depends on how staff reacts to your return at work.

Legal tools to recover

Lastly, it’s not that you can’t consider ways to get your position, it’s prudent to take legal aid if you have to face discrimination or denial of getting it back, and its smart you collect evidence, try to make it prove and this would make things more effective techniques.


Term of practice to dismiss you after becoming a mother and absence in pregnancy can change in nature but if you feel it snot technically Pruden as a legal offense, then you do have the choice to go opt for legal ways and you can take aids from Employment litigation attorneys in California to find ways and make sure you get your position back.

However, if you become affected due to discrimination, and need to report it as you were targeted due to being pregnant and you want to resolve it in legal terms, then its better you take help from Los Angeles pregnancy discrimination attorneys so they can file your case, can protect you and help you get your work role back. So if you are facing such issues, now you know to be in touch with, for a better future. I wish you all the luck that prevails!

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