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Street Racing Consequences in Ohio
Auto-Car Accident

While seeing a long stretch of open road ahead of you can be tempting to floor it and see how fast your car can go compared to other drivers, street racing is illegal in Ohio. According to Ohio ...
Fire and Arson Investigations in Texas
Arson Criminal Defense

Who could forget the media coverage of the massive wildfire that struck Gatlinburg, Tennessee in 2016? Similarly, the California wildfires the following year were particularly destructive. FEMA estimates that fires caused a whopping $23 billion in losses nationwide ...
Choose the Best Pickup Truck for Your Needs

We bet you have a big job or project coming up and you need a reliable vehicle or pickup truck to help you get it done. Or maybe it’s time for you to upgrade to a newer model ...
Drinking and Driving Charge Means for Your Ohio CDL

Simply getting charged with drinking and driving in Ohio can cost you your commercial driver’s license. That, of course, means getting charged with what state law calls operating a vehicle while intoxicated (OVI) can cost you your job ...
Types of Workers’ Compensation Petitions
Workers Compensation

If you have suffered from an injury at workplace, you’d often think that there is Workers’ Compensation Act to protect your rights and interests. But if you read about people who have had to deal with the trauma ...