Qualities & Traits That Make You Stand Out

Qualities & Traits That Make You Stand Out

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Think about the most charismatic person you know. Maybe you’ve met more than one and it’s difficult to narrow it down. There are some people who have a presence that’s nothing short of hypnotic.

You talk to them for a few minutes and feel like you could tell them anything. They make friends effortlessly and inspire loyalty from nearly everyone who crosses their path. You never hear anyone say anything bad about them, because no one has anything bad to say.

What is it that gives these people such surreal charisma? What makes people become known? Recognized? Remembered forever? If everyone knew the answers to these questions, the playing field would be totally leveled, and nobody would be any more memorable than anybody else.

While everyone is special and unique in their own ways, why is it that only some of us are recognized as being such? Since each of us has something to offer, you’re probably thinking, “Why just them? I want to be recognized. I want to be remembered. How do I accomplish this?”

I Want to Be Recognized 

While there may not be a magical formula to make yourself recognizable, there are definitely things you can do to make yourself stand out. People are drawn to people who have certain qualities and traits, and highlighting these traits in social scenarios will help you to get noticed.


People are far more likely to approach people who are smiling. We crave brightness and positivity, and smiling people are generally giving off more radiance and light than expressionless or scowling people.

Give Meaningful Compliments

Far too often, we think kind things about others but don’t actually vocalize them. If you appreciate or admire something about someone, don’t be afraid to tell them.

How much would it mean to you if an acquaintance said, “I love listening to you tell stories. You are such a gifted story teller. I always find your recollection of events to be worth listening to”?

Conversely, how much would it mean to you if an acquaintance said nothing of the sort? You’re far more likely to remember and adore the person who paid you the meaningful compliment.

Take Care of Yourself

Taking care of yourself shows that you respect yourself, and people respect others who respect themselves. It tells the world you don’t think you’re valuable when you take poor care of yourself. This is not the message you want to send. Let others know you’re worth recognizing!

I Want to Be Remembered

If you want to be remembered in the long term, you must first work on being recognized in the short term. The two go hand in hand. Earning respect and admiration from those who know you will translate into long-term remembrance once you’ve departed from their lives.

I want to be recognized. I want to be remembered. That is why I signed up for Peoplepedia!

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