Street Racing Consequences in Ohio

Street Racing Consequences in Ohio

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Street Racing Consequences in Ohio

While seeing a long stretch of open road ahead of you can be tempting to floor it and see how fast your car can go compared to other drivers, street racing is illegal in Ohio. According to Ohio law, street racing, drag racing or other type of unregulated racing is illegal. Street racing occurs when two or more drivers attempt to race each other side by side.

Drivers may see it as a way to show off their fast or expensive cars, but there are serious consequences of street racing accidents in Ohio.

First, in inclement conditions or on ill-kept roadways, accidents can occur. These accidents can involve the racing drivers, or other innocent drivers on the road. They can result in injury, either permanent or temporary and even death. Young, new drivers with less self-control and more reckless habits are more likely to engage in illegal street racing. It’s important that these young drivers are taught the consequences of street racing accidents in Ohio and understand that their actions can result in a street racing accident lawsuit.

Next, street racing is also a first-degree misdemeanor. The punishments for a first-degree misdemeanor include suspension of driver’s license for 30 days to three years, 180 days in jail, and up to $1,000 in fines.

Should you be caught street racing, even for the first time, you can be charged with a misdemeanor and face the aforementioned punishments. The state may charge that you were recklessly acting as a danger to the public, even if no one was hurt or if no accident occurred. Street racing can have serious financial and criminal impact on your record if you were caught.

Were you hurt in a street racing accident?

Unfortunately, even as people drive safely and follow all the rules of the road, other drivers can pose a serious danger. If you were injured in a street racing accident in which you were not participating, it’s important to first seek medical attention and then call a Columbus car accident attorney at Miller Law. Our Columbus personal injury attorneys can help victims of street racing accidents seek compensation for their injuries. It’s important that victims seek compensation as the ramifications of injuries can decrease victims’ earning power, stick them with expensive medical bills and leave them with permanent disabilities. Contact Miller Law to schedule a consultation with one of our Ohio street racing accident lawsuit attorneys.

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