10 Things a Houston Divorce Lawyer Can Do for You

10 Things a Houston Divorce Lawyer Can Do for You

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Generally, divorce is an emotionally and financially exhausting time. However, a qualified Houston divorce lawyer helps make this process much easier.   

Below, we present some of the tasks in which this professional can advise their clients.

1. Explain the reasons for divorce

In each state, certain grounds for divorce have been established that grant one of the spouses the right to request the court to dissolve the marriage.

Among the causes, are the following:

  • Adultery
  • Cruel treatment
  • Abuse
  • Imprisonment

On the other hand, all states recognize “no-fault motives” for divorce. However, in certain cases, spouses are required to live apart for a certain period of time before their courts can dissolve the marriage.

divorce lawyer in Houston will explain if there are benefits for asking the court to dissolve the marriage because of fault.  This would be relevant to determine if spousal support will be available and in that case how much will be granted. On the other hand, it will also evaluate how feasible it is to annul the marriage instead of divorcing. It is possible that there is a defect or that a legal requirement allowing this procedure to be ignored.

2. Provide objective advice

Although this is an important emotional process, a divorce lawyer in Houston is able to make it more enjoyable.  

This is because he can talk to you about all the factors that will affect your future, among which are:

  • Support and custody problems.
  • Intermediary between the spouses.

3.Contabilize conjugal assets

In order for equity to be properly distributed, a divorce attorney in Houston will make sure that your client discloses all assets.  In many marriages, one of the spouses may have handled the money and the other may not be aware of the couple’s debts and assets. The proper attorney will help collect the records and locate the assets and liabilities, so that the divorce agreement appropriately addresses these possessions.

4.Explain the property division

divorce lawyer in Houston has the ability to explain how assets will be treated after the dissolution of the marriage.  Each spouse may have separate assets that they brought to the marriage; others may own assets accumulated separately according to a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement. The indicated professional will explain if the properties correspond to a state of community property or one of equitable distribution. This characteristic can make a key difference in the distribution of marital patrimony.

5. Expert Advice

divorce lawyer in Houston will have expertise in handling divorce cases, so you will get advice from an expert in this field. A divorcing couple might not be familiar with all the divorce process. A good attorney knows all the process and will guide you through the whole process.

6. Paperwork

There are various documents needed for filing the divorce to support the case. A good divorce attorney in Houston will help the client in procuring all the required documents as well as filling all the forms.

7 Negotiating a good settlement

A good divorce attorney in Houston will help you focus on getting the best deal possible rather than just winning the case. It might mean compromising on small issues so that you can end up with more of what you need.

8 Child custody plans

divorce lawyer in Houston can help the clients in devising a custody plan that works well for both the parents and also keep the child’s interest in mind.

9 Reducing Stress

Divorce can be a very stressful process. By hiring a good divorce attorney in Houston can reduce stress and you can also concentrate on your other commitments.

10 Making it a quick process

Divorce can be long process. It can be tiring as well as expensive. However, A good divorce attorney in Houston can quicken the process. He knows what to say and what not in the court, thus making it a faster process. Divorce can be a very tedious and stressful process. A divorce lawyer will help in making it a smooth process and also negotiate better terms for the client.

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