Top 10 Reasons Why Buyers Prefer New Homes vs. Used Homes

Top 10 Reasons Why Buyers Prefer New Homes vs. Used Homes

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If you’re planning to live in the Columbus metropolitan area, you might want to consider finding a home in Gahanna. It’s located East of downtown Columbus, and it offers that spacious suburban landscape that you just can’t find in the heart of the city.

Buyers Prefer New Homes

Buyers have been favoring new homes in Gahanna, Ohio over used homes in the same area because new homes offer certain benefits that aren’t often part of the “package” when buying a used home. The phones for custom home builders in Gahanna, Ohio have been ringing off their hooks, and here’s why:

Safety First

New homes are always built to meet the most up-do-date safety standards, but used homes were likely built to meet long outdated regulations. Opting for a new home is a safer choice for you and your loved ones.

Fresh Feel

Never find yourself wondering what those dark stains on the carpet are from or why there’s an unpleasant stench in the laundry room. If you build a new home, you’ll never feel like you’re cleaning up the mess that somebody else left behind. 

Get What You Want

Building a custom home allows you to choose exactly the features that you want. With a new home, there are never compromises. You always get what you want. 

Meet Unique Needs

Do you need a home that’s handicap accessible? A custom home builder could work with you to adapt the home of your dreams to meet any unique needs you may have. Even if there aren’t any used homes for sale in Gahanna, Ohio that have been designed in a handicap-friendly fashion, you can still enjoy life in Gahanna by customizing the design of a new home. 

Protected By Warranty

Accidents happen, and sometimes they’re totally out of our control. If you notice that something isn’t right with your new home, there’s no reason to fret. Nearly all home builders offer a warranty period to make sure that everything functions flawlessly, and that your satisfaction is guaranteed. 

Energy Efficient

New homes are constructed in ways that maximize energy efficiency. Living in an energy efficient home not only reduces your carbon footprint, but also reduces your monthly energy bills. Save money and live green in a new home. 

Reduced Maintenance Costs

An older home has older everything, which leads to increased maintenance costs. Buying a used home just to find that the whole sprinkler system needs to be replaced or that the basement walls are molding internally probably isn’t on your list of things to do. Go with a new home to enjoy reduced maintenance costs and steer clear of rotten surprises. 

Wow Your Friends and Family

When your friends and family come to visit you in your brand-new Gahanna home, they’re sure to be impressed. You’ll have absolutely nothing to be embarrassed about, and hosting company will be something you look forward to. 

Perks of the Neighborhood

New homes are often built in communities that were planned with you in mind. Regular access to swimming pools, fitness centers, tanning beds, playgrounds, and even commercial districts could become part of your lifestyle when you buy a new home in Gahanna. 

Latest Technology

New homes boast all the latest technology, such as state-of-the-art appliances, wiring for surround sound speakers, security systems, and more. Updating an existing home to accommodate today’s rapidly advancing technology is a huge headache.

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