What Are the Undesirable Effects of Drunk Driving?

What Are the Undesirable Effects of Drunk Driving?

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Driving with alcohol consumption can lead to the most dangerous occurrences on the road. In the recent study of car accident statistics, roughly 17% of road fatalities has occurred globally. That means 17 deaths among 100,000 people due to car accidents were stated in the past year. These accidents show the alarming side of travelling away from home. And so you should learn that being a driver lays your other foot to death. The only way to save yourself is to strictly follow the entire driving rules to prevent sudden accidents on the road.

Being aware of the consequences can somehow persuade the drivers not to commit the same mistake over and over again. By reading the following bullet points, you are expected to identify the most undesirable effects of driving with alcohol consumption.

High Risk of Death and Accident

Death among involved people in car accidents is one of the most common result of drunk driving. When you’re drunk, you have the tendency to experience slower reactions that your body may find it hard to control its motions. You feel dizzy that you nearly see two swaying statues of Liberty no matter how many times you hardly scratch your eyes. You act recklessly that you don’t pay attention to street signs, stop lights, and pedestrian lanes. And worse, you may fall asleep without realizing your car is in auto drive mode. These factors can highly trigger accidents that usually cause death between you and the other party(s).

  • Subject to Criminalization

There are legal implications that can be laid upon you once you’re caught for being drunk or while drinking in the middle of the road. Drunk drivers are the most unpreventable violators against law. Maybe because only small number of  drunk driving cases are given enough attention by authorities. The sad truth is only 1% of 300,000 estimated drunk drivers are caught by the police in most cities. And sometimes, imprisonment can only occur in the third offense. Therefore, drivers are still convinced to keep the same old habit despite the increasing rate of accidents. After all, some drivers are still worried about the criminal laws and legal fines on first or second offense that they’d rather obey the law than face its consequences.

  • Likeliness to Kill

Consuming high amount of alcohol makes you do certain things that you are not aware of. Thus, leaving you a realization that you are not yourself when you’re drunk. You can’t control your emotions to the extent that killing another person wouldn’t bother you any cost. Uncontrolled temper cause severe fights between co-drivers which sometimes lead to unexpected death.

  • License Restrictions

License is the ticket to driving. Obviously, wIthout a license, you are not permitted to drive. Failure to abide with this ordinance can be subjected to fines or sanctions. Wonder what makes a license restricted? Well, involvement with road-related crimes can completely revoke a driver’s license. In some cities, license restriction works in different conditions ‒ most likely a first to third offense. Involvement with ‘Driving Under Influence’ or DUI can invalidate your license for maximum of one (1) year. This ordinance occurs when you drive under the influence of alcohol. While sanctions are more severe for ‘Driving While Intoxicated’ or DWI. This occurs when you drive with consumption of alcohol level that surpass the legal state limit. Sanctions include jail imprisonment, alcohol treatment probation, and loss of license validity for varied duration of time ‒ longer period than of DUI.

How can you avoid your drunk driving habit?

The road safety is not assured by the hands of authority alone. You should start making change by yourself, too. Here are some important guidelines that you have to follow for a safer driving/drinking experience.

If you are planning to drink…

  • Leave your car at home so you wouldn’t have to drive at all.
  • Ride a taxi cab instead.
  • If you can’t leave it, then get yourself a driver. Just DON’T drive on your own.
  • Don’t let your driver drink with you. You can ask him to drop you off and pick you up when you need to go.
  • You’re old enough to be responsible. Don’t drink too much if you want to drive yourself home. 

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