UPPAbaby Vista Travel System 2018 Overview

UPPAbaby Vista Travel System 2018 Overview

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You’re a busy parent! And like every other busy parent, you need to rely on your stroller, car seat, and bassinet to transport your baby from one errand or trip to the next. They need to be safe, easy to use, and help—instead of hinder—you while transferring your child from the car to the stroller to a bassinet and back again.

This is where the wonderful UPPAbaby Vista Travel System comes in. The new and updated 2018 models are available now to safely take baby wherever you go. The UPPAbaby Bassinet and Mesa Infant Car Seat lock into the Vista Stroller easily to help you take your baby from naptime in the bassinet to the Vista Stroller for a quick trip down the block or transfer from the car to the stroller without disturbing your bundle of joy.

We know that form and function are both crucial when picking out a travel system, which is why this UPPAbaby travel system comes in stylish colors for you to mix and match among the Vista Stroller, RumbleSeat, Mesa Car Seat, and Bassinet. But we also know that safety is the top priority, and it’s important for parents to know every detail of the products they’re using to transport their children.

So, let’s get technical.

Mesa Infant Car Seat

Mesa Infant Car Seat
The biggest thing to note when shopping for the UPPAbaby 2018 travel system is that the colors Henry and Jordan for the Mesa Infant Car Seat are made with materials that pass federal flammability standards without the application of chemical flame retardants. This provides an additional layer of safety without compromising other concerning aspects such hazardous chemical applicants.

While used in tandem with the Vista Stroller, the Mesa Infant Car Seat attaches directly with no additional adapters. It locks in place easily, so that there’s no fussing with straps or adapters. The adjustable headrest is outfitted with Side Impact Protection to reduce the risk of harm during bumpy rides in the car or stroller over tough terrain.

Infant Bassinet

UPPAbaby infant bassinet stroller

The inclusion of the Infant Bassinet adds to the versatility of the 2018 UPPAbaby Vista Travel System. Just like the Mesa Infant Car Seat, the Bassinet locks into the frame of the Vista Stroller, either forward- or backward-facing. Additionally, the mattress pad, base, and canopy are perforated or vented to be breathable, always allowing fresh air into the Bassinet, even when covered.

Total, it’s 10 inches deep, 30.2 inches long and 13 inches wide, providing a safe depth and a comfortable space for a growing baby.

Vista Stroller & RumbleSeat

It’s the center of the entire UPPAbaby 2018 Vista Travel System. Boasting shock-absorbing front and rear suspension and options for adding an extra seat with the RumbleSeat, it’s no wonder why this UPPAbaby travel system is rated one of the top systems. Add a RumbleSeat for a second child with the addition of a set of adapters, which lock in safely and securely. The frame included seat is suitable from 3 months old until your child reaches 50 pounds, while the RumbleSeat is suitable up to 35 pounds.

Together, one seat and the Vista Stroller frame is 26.6 pounds and only 19 inches wide with the seat when folded. It’s easy to carry and easy to store when you’re not travelling with your infant.

If you have more questions about the versatility and function of the UPPAbaby Vista Travel System, reach out to PeppyParents for the answers!

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