What is nursing home neglect?

What is nursing home neglect?

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nursing home neglect

AARP reports that more than 10 percent of Georgia’s population is older than age 65, with more than 122,000 residents age 85 and older. Many of these people require long-term medical care, and if their families are unable or unwilling to provide such care, they can live in nursing homes to make sure their medical needs are met. With Georgia’s 85-and-older population expected to nearly double by 2030, more and more people will need the type of care nursing homes provide.

Unfortunately, many nursing home residents experience severe abuse and neglect in the nursing homes where they should be receiving care. Nursing home abuse occurs when someone intentionally harms a resident in some way. Neglect is generally more passive.

Some examples of nursing home neglect include:

  • nursing home neglect Failing to take care of patients’ bathroom needs– Older residents, especially patients with neurological illnesses or movement issues, may have difficulty using the bathroom without assistance. If there aren’t enough nurses to check in with patients regularly, residents may end up sitting for hours or days in their soiled clothes or lying in beds with soiled linens.
  • Not changing residents’ clothes or bedding– Some nursing home residents are unable to change their clothing or bedding without assistance. Clothes can become dirty or damaged if residents wear them over and over, and the same is true of residents’ bedding.
  • Residents not getting enough to eat or drink– Like everyone else, nursing home residents need regular, healthy meals if they want to keep their bodies in top condition. Unfortunately, many facilities don’t hire enough staff to make sure residents are getting enough to eat and drink, and some residents may have difficulty communicating their needs due to speech or neurological issues.
  • Not attending to residents’ medical needs– Many nursing home residents require complex care, and they also need assistance with ordinary tasks. If patients are getting incorrect medication, not having their bandages changed, or suffering other similar neglect, their condition is likely to deteriorate.
  • Letting residents suffer abuse at the hands of other residents– Resident-on-resident abuse is, sadly, common in nursing homes, and facilities should be on the alert for abuse of this kind. When they fail in this responsibility, it’s easy for one resident to physically, verbally, emotionally, or sexually abuse another resident.

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